The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome.  ~Author Unknown

We are proud to present you with our unique collection of exclusive Harley Davidson pictures by HIGHER POETICS.

Chrome and Steel: music instrument, time machine, living legend, raison-d’être and a motorcycle.

Founded in 1903 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the company created a distinctive design and exhaust note.

From a humble pedal-bicycle frame, at the age of 21, William S. Harley, constructed his first creation with a 116cc engine (Harleys ‘Twin Cam’ engine, introduced in 2007, is 1, 802cc!).

Year after year, Harley Davidson has strived to produce solid quality motorbikes: in 1927, Harley provided 15 000 machines to the military forces during World War I.

Prior to that Harleys were already in use by the military in the Pancho Villa Expedition.

Harley Davidson, in the 1920’s became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Since last century, Harley Davidson as a motorcycle and as a company has come a long way; in 2005 the company even produced an “environmental warranty.”

Paul Gotthold, Director of Operations for the EPA, congratulated the motor company:

“Harley-Davidson has taken their environmental responsibilities very seriously and has already made substantial progress in the investigation and cleanup of past contamination. Proof of Harley’s efforts can be found in the recent EPA determination that designates the Harley property as ‘under control’ for cleanup purposes. This determination means that there are no serious contamination problems at the facility.

Under the new One Cleanup Program, Harley, EPA, and PADEP will expedite the completion of the property investigation and reach a final solution that will permanently protect human health and the environment.”

Harley Davidson also counts with the support of devoted fans that are true ambassadors to the brand. To name a few:

James Dean, Marlon Brando, Ewan McGregor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Eva Herzigova, Charlize Theron, Pink…

Special thanks to Harley Davidson Mexico

Photo: Fernando Etulain

by DMee

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