As well as a being a TV personality, appearing in multiple television programs, Hofit Golan is a model and fronts beauty campaigns, clothing adverts as well as watches and fine jewelry. Hofit is also the muse turned business partner of British designer Scott Henshall.

Hofit was born in Israel and now lives between London and NYC; HIGHER POETICS has the pleasure of providing this exclusive interview.

HP: How and when did you start in the entertainment business?

HG: It happened by mistake (lol). I was in London helping a charity event when I met the designer Scott Henshall, who at the time was dressing all the A list celebrities.

I fell in love with his clothing and he dressed me for my charity concert. We became friends and soon after business partners. I became his Muse and that launched me into the world of fashion.

HP: What did you do before?

HG: I wanted to be a criminal Lawyer. But, I ended up launching a media consulting company in USA. I also worked with a Danish fashion magazine by helping to launch it around the globe.

HP: Which are the three words that best define you?

HG: That is very hard to answer. But if I just have to choose 3 then I would go with Passionate, Loyal and Love-Life (I know that’s not a word but it’s me).

HP: What drives you in life and what do you aim to achieve?

HG: I am driven by pursuit of knowledge and experience; the world fascinates me. I want to keep travelling, seeing more, and experiencing different people, places and cultures. I love being independent. To create lasting memories.

For me the ultimate happiness is balance between work, love, family and friends.

I make sure that I have enough time to give to the people that I love and share important moments with them whilst also building my future and creating a solid foundation for the next phase in my life.

HP: Where would you say that your main focus is currently?

HG: I want to buy a house in London… So, I need to work hard and focus. At same time investing in family, friends and personal life is always important for me.

I also want to do more charity work. I believe we can build our own future whilst at the same time helping others in need. I feel that doing more will make me grow more as a person.

HP: In what way has the Internet and the new media affected the way in which you work?

HG: Today you step out the door and a pap takes a photo, before I get home the photos are all over the net. Bloggers give their opinions and everybody seems to know where I was, what I was wearing and whom I was with. Information travels at an astonishing speed and Facebook has changed the way we share and exchange information. New Media is extremely useful in creating and promoting my work but it is also intrusive as anyone can have an opinion that the whole world can see.

HP: In your opinion, which are the key qualities that a journalist must have to succeed in business?

HG: That’s tough for me to answer as there are so many different types of journalist out there and truth and fiction has been blurred by people writing opinions over facts.

A good journalist will examine and research all the facts and present them in an unbiased way. But then we all know that in Entertainment world, gossip sells better (sadly).

HP: Do you like Fashion? Have you ever been a model?

HG: I Love fashion, that’s why I got in the business. I love all aspects of fashion. It’s a form of art. Playing dress up and changing my look is a form of expression. I often express my mood through my clothes.

I do model. My main and favorite campaign is for luxury skin care and cosmetics line Elizabeth Grant (elizabethgrant.com).

EG have amazing skin care products as well as body and bath and makeup ranges. They are great company to work with because they also support many of the charities I work with.

I also have Jewellery, clothing, perfume, shoe and watches campaigns.

HP: We see you are friend many Top Celebrities like actors, singers and models, who is your favorite one?

HG: It would be silly to drop names. Celebrities are people like anybody else. My favorite people are the people close to my heart my family and loved ones. Doesn’t matter what they do, but whom they are when they are with me.

HP: How does a typical day like for you?

HG: I don’t have a typical routine. My days vary allot depending on what I do and where I am. I would say that my favorite thing to do is Snuggle on a sofa to a loved one, healthy food and a good movie.

HP: Which are your plans for the future?

HG: To build on what I have and make sure I invest my time in the right people and projects. To learn more and become better person and better at what I do.

I don’t have a 5-year plan as others do, but I have specific goals and I work very hard to achieve them.

It has truly been a pleasure to talk to Hofit and without a doubt she is a truly talented person with a big heart, passion and a great vision. HIGHER POETICS wishes her a long and continued success.

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  1. Well done Hofit
    you are beautiful, strong and you have great success through hard work.
    You look stunning in the Elizabeth grant photos
    good job

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