Photography is the instant capture of an object, a known moment turned eternal. To say the least this is what we expect in traditional photography when looking for similarities with reality and identification of common/known places.

Alex does just the opposite in his latest exhibition in “Centro de la Imagen”, he shows the elimination of visual structure in the search of a real reference.

“A series of photographic constellations”, as it is referred to as by the curator Christopher Fraga, the photographs bring together the image with the space; giving them three dimensions by making of the walls another element and abolishing the limits of the frame; a third frame is exposed in terms of the relationship of the images with the void.

Dorfsman takes his image beyond their outlines, to create relationships between them that travel beyond their symbolic or referential connotations; look at key points in each photograph to generate their entry point. Alex uses and makes obvious signs to ask of the spectator the way in which to understand and look through the camera.

The compositions invite us to contemplate its aesthetic and not the representation of what it is or what it means.

“This mountain collapsed and became a bridge” is a research project that begins with an artist’s book, and that culminates in this exhibition of flawless assembly.

Alex Dorfsman, lives between Mexico City and Berlin. He remembers the real pleasure of his journey of an extraordinary exhibition that as its name entails: collapsing structures/mountains and creating bridges.

By Laura Resendiz

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