Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every man the feeling of luxury and nobility. Where coffee is served, there is grace and splendor and friendship and happiness. All cares vanish as the coffee cup is raised to the lips.

SHEIKH ABD-AL-KADIR, In Praise of Coffee.

On our quest to find the perfect espresso, HIGHER POETICS met with Sevengrams (7Gr.), a company truly passionate about quality, innovation and commercial ethics that provide the ultimate satisfaction for coffee lovers.

We have the privilege invite you to our exclusive interview with 7Gr.

HP: How and when did “7Gr.” start on coffee business?

7Gr.: Sevengrams – 7Gr. has been conceived by Mary, Angelita, Anna and Daniela Mauro: four sisters born into a family with a long tradition in coffee roasting, whose new business challenge aims to re-launch the Italian espresso tradition and transform a daily ritual into a memorable tasting experience.

Established in Milano at the end of 2009 7Gr. has chosen to talk directly to its consumers, involving with its proposal of excellence those who love coffee in its simplest yet at the same time most complex form: the espresso.

Its primary communication channel, the website, has been launched in October 2009, translated into 5 languages and immediately promoted through a massive Web marketing campaign. At the beginning of 2010, 7Gr.s blends (in beans) started to be distributed in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel too.

The new project started from the premise that Italian espresso is becoming a trendy habit among people all over the world, thanks to an increasing interest in the “Italian style” especially in regards to gastronomy and specialties. Widely renowned for several cultured food products, Italy boasts an undisputed leadership in the art of espresso making. An art that attracts more and more fans especially after the rapid spread of portioned systems (pods and capsules) which have really simplified the espresso making process.

Moreover today, a specialty like “espresso” blends can rely on a growing competence among cafeteria operators who are making a substantial contribution to improving quality standards of the cup served in the food- service channel.

HP: Which are the three words that best define “7Gr.”?

7Gr.: Excellence, substance and sustainability.

HP: What drives “7Gr.”? What does it aim to achieve?

7Gr.: Our company’s proposal is addressed to the end consumers and business partners who not only are sharing with us the same passion for the espresso culture but also are open to a continuous exchange of knowledge in order to improve competence and professionalism.

HP: Where would you say that its main focus is currently?

7Gr.: In this start-up phase, we are mainly focused on building 7Gr.’s network (private and business); this is a very challenging task in which any choice must be coherent with our mission. Our name is our pledge: offering the perfect espresso, which needs 7 grams of finely ground coffee to be brewed. A pledge that we fulfil by ensuring:

  1. Recognizable excellence of the blends.
  2. Freedom of choice (an open coffee portioning system which enables consumers to buy always coffees of their choice, without restricting them to a specific espresso machine).
  3. The highest level of service.
  4. Responsible consumption: “paper pods” vs. “plastic or aluminium caps”.

This challenge could be overcome not only by keeping the highest quality levels of our products and service, but also by involving and engaging in 7Gr. all those people who, setting aside the fads and glamour associated with espresso, want to be aware of its many qualities so that it may reveal itself in all its richness and be fully appreciated for its flavour, aromatic profile and the goodness of its preparation.

HP: We can see a motto under the company name, is that true?

7Gr.: Definitely! We strongly believe that only those who love “espresso” can appreciate a path like ours. That’s why we put all our experience and commitment to maintain the promise inside our brand.

HP: In your opinion, which are the key qualities that an espresso coffee must have to succeed in the business?

7Gr.: A perfect cup of espresso must be able to surprise you with its well defined personality that can be described by a velvety nut-coloured crema, a round and balanced taste that never disappoint you with acidity or bitterness in excess, a rich and distinctive aroma with a long-lasting, good aftertaste of chocolate in the mouth that makes you want to drink another one!

HP: Which other aspects determine the success of espresso coffee apart from that?

7Gr.: Being coffee a “not finished product”, it’s not enough to provide excellent blends to get excellent result. The brewing process is a critical factor in achieving the perfect “cup”. That’s why we deliver total commitment in providing with the necessary knowledge our B2b partners who have to respect the appropriate settings required for the correct preparation of espresso, including the choice of the right equipment and those accessories that complete the espresso serving.

As regard the end users, the coffee pod is the closest you can get to the daily work of an expert barista with its measured quantity of roasted coffee properly ground and tamped, enclosed in two sheets of filter paper. In this case the success will be ensured by the constancy of the quality and the level of service you can grant to your customers. Without forgetting the soul of the brand, that we want to be always perceived by the consumer.

HP: What other products are you currently producing/selling?

7Gr.: Our range includes all those articles which help to make a coffee-drinking moment totally unique and thoroughly enjoyable. Besides our top quality coffee blends, in our e-shop you can find a great selection of reliable, brewing effective and well-designed espresso coffee pod machines, accessories and food specialties to accompany the pleasure of espresso tasting such as mono-origin raw sugars, biscuits, superior chocolate. The last entry in our range is a hand-made finest coffee liqueur, 7 drops, that will astonish you with its incredible taste, allowing a different way to enjoy the fine characteristics of our blends.

HP: Which are “7Gr.” plans for the future?

7Gr.: Our attention is now directed to the international markets where we are setting strong partnerships in order to distribute 7Gr. in new countries. The aim is to reply the Italian model, with the necessary fine-tuning for the specific market and, where there is the opportunity, we are considering the opening of flag-ship stores to make the brand essence more “touchable” by our customers.

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